Our goal at Desert Sky Bengals is straight forward and simple, we want to provide the best possible Bengal kitten at a price that anyone can enjoy owning such a unique cat.

Our Bengal cats are of the highest quality.  All have some of the most dramatic natural patterns and coloring we have seen in Bengal cats.

Desert Sky Bengals


Our Stud Goliath is a stunning brown spotted Bengal with a beautiful large open rosetted coat pattern.  Goliath is a muscular boy with a lovely head type and a wonderful outgoing personality. 

This Outstanding Stud is Amazing in Every way. "Sampson" is a Beautiful Brown Spotted with great type and color. His Temperament is very sweet and always affectionate.  He has small ears and wonderful strong head type.

Our Queen Precious City Kitty has extremely defined marbled markings, much like that of a tiger.
She also has a very exotic look with a long slender body and a perfectly wild shaped face . wonderful glittering in her coat pattern that she passes on into her kittens.  Precious is a great mother and a wonderful feline companion for our family.

Our Queen Princess has very loving and gentle personality.   Princess is very loving she likes to be held and carried around; she’s even loves to fall asleep in our arms. Princess is a large rosetted female and produces some of the prettiest rosetted patterned kittens available anywhere.

Our Queen Tigress has a lovely rosetted coat pattern with stunning green eyes. She is very special as she has that true wild Bengal expression. In fact, I think she is the absolute image of a jungle cat. Tigress is just beautiful and passes her beauty on into her kittens.
Our Queen Delilah is a lovely Mink Spotted Snow female. She has a Beautiful coat pattern with great contrast on a short tight super soft pelt.h

We strive to produce the best all-around Bengal kitten with stunning coat patterns and great personality’s.